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There are numerous books, articles, etc., being published everyday about HTML. This list was prepared for an Association of Jewish Libraries Conference workshop, June 22, 1997, and was a sampling of titles that were on the market at that time. Check for later editions.


December, John and Mark Ginsburg, HTML and CGI Unleashed. Indianapolis, Indiana: Samsnet, 1995, 830p.

Covers instruction in HTML, gateway programming, and Web development topics. Of interest to information professionals and advanced users. CD-ROM included.

Graham, Ian S., HTML Sourcebook: a Complete Guide to HTML 3.2 and HTML Extensions. New York, New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1997, 620p.

Very good HTML reference and other topics. Authoritative. Not really a teach yourself HTML book.

Honeycutt, Jerry and Mark R. Brown, Using HTML 3.2. 3rd edition. Indianapolis, Indiana: Que, 1997, 1042p.

Only one chapter devoted to basic HTML. One chapter devoted to advanced HTML. A reference for someone who wants more than the basics.

Lemay, Laura, Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML 3.2 in a Week. 3rd edition. Indianapolis, Indiana: Sams Publishing, 1996, 582p.

Excellent HTML tutorial and good reference. Also published is a Professional reference edition.

Tittel, Ed and Steve James, HTML for Dummies. 2nd edition. Foster City, California: IDG Books, 1996, 428p.

The usual, excellent dummies-style tutorial. PC Windows diskette included.

Tittel, Ed and Steve James, More HTML for Dummies. Foster City, California: IDG Books, 1996, 390p.

Companion to HTML for Dummies. Covers advanced HTML markup, web site management, tips and shortcuts.

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