A New E-Commerce Protocol: Proposing a New Model for Facilitating Business to Consumer E-Commerce Transactions

General Design Documentation

Preface, Copyright & Disclaimer

This document is copyright 2002 by Daryle Niedermayer, all rights reserved. This document is my own intellectual property based on my generic professional experience.

Although this paper outlines the basic design issues involved in developing a secure e-commerce system that is competitive within the marketplace, it does not contain all the documentation necessary to implement such a model. If anyone would like to implement this model they can contact the author by phone at (306)757-4513 or by the contact information at http://www.niedermayer.ca. I would be very interested in engaging with someone to further this proposal but I do not have sufficient time or resources to devote to this project on my own.

There are a number of B2C merchant models available in the marketplace. Some are very costly and cumbersome for merchants or their technical resources to implement. Others do not have the flexibility that many merchants require. Still others depend on a proprietary model that confuses the customer by collecting the same information multiple times. Most offerings are not secure and are only waiting for a vulnerability to be exposed thereby bringing the entire industry into disrepute.

This document is shared to helping to bring about a consensus on developing the growing B2C E-Commerce segment. Although I currently reserve all rights to this document, I am also a strong advocate of the open standards and open source community. For this reason, I invite any comments or critiques and will consider turning this document over to a free source licensing model in the future.